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Make a difference as a board member

At IBG we believe in designing the future of leadership by connecting visionary companies with transformative executive talent.

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Unlock Your Board Potential

Gain access to a wide array of board positions, from innovative startups to established corporations, reserved for our distinguished members.

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Innovating the future of the boardroom

Our modern approach connects visionary organizations with the transformative leadership talent they need to excel.

Partner Reviews

Client Feedback

IBG has had the privilege of collaborating with premier Executives and companies around the globe.

"Big thanks to James and the IBG team! Excited about the new business connections and ventures ahead. Really grateful for the opportunity."

Karl Fischer M&A Consultant

"I like the opportunities that IBG has aligned, I have not moved forward yet as I am looking for the right company but overall I like this approach and the support"

Mary Boudreaux CEO & Founder, BioTech

"Thank you Ashley Miller for the ongoing support and IBG team for following up. We appreciate the Candidates and professionalism, keep it up!"

Lauren Burgess Chief Marketing Officer, Fintech

"Our group engaged IBG to find board member candidates and were very satisfied with the outcome. Sean and his team quickly delivered highly suitable matches."

Daniel M. Ramiro CTO, Global Marketing

"Our team has recruited several exceptional candidates through IBG. We truly value the process and flexibility provided by Andrews team."

Garret Hayes VC / P.E & Angel Investor

"It took almost 9 months to finalize my position with IBG, not the timeline I was hoping for but a big thank you to James and Emily for the help"

Sarah Donigan Senior partner, AMG

"Thanks to the IBG team, Mr. Thompson was professional with our buildout. We will recommend IBG to our partners and colleagues"

Jonathan H. Commercial Construction Group

"I was not thrilled on the model but a special thanks to Kylie and Alex for their outstanding support throughout the journey!"

Katerina T. Co-Founder & CEO, MedTech

"We received a cold call from this company to fill a board position and they delivered exceptional candidates. We've been thrilled with the results and highly recommend their services!"

Soraya N. CTO - Banking / Processing

Modern Board Recruitment

The Choice of Today's Leaders

Your Next Board Role:

With our personalized approach, ensure the right alignment with your career aspirations.

Your next leader:

Expand your network by establishing a board that opens doors to VC firms, Angel Investors, PE firms, and accelerators.

Meaningful Connections:

Target the right companies through our patented AI-enhanced precision matching system.

Transformational Leadership:

Learn how IBG is revolutionizing the landscape of board recruitment.

Innovating Companies Across The Globe

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Empowering Boards with Precision: AI-Driven Leadership Connections


Where Leadership Meets Opportunity

Our approach combines deep industry insights with cutting-edge technology to ensure your board is primed for the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow.

Why Choose ibg?

Navigate, Connect, and Lead with Confidence

Best Talent Networking

Navigate your board career or recruitment journey with support from our industry experts.

Global Network

Connect with a world-class network of executives and companies from across the globe, expanding your horizons.

Strategic Matches

Leverage our sophisticated matching algorithms to find the perfect fit for your board’s needs and aspirations.

Continuous Support

Benefit from ongoing advice and insights, ensuring your board continues to evolve and excel in a dynamic business environment.

Unlock Your Board Potential


Frequently Asked Questions

Companies choose IBG for our unparalleled blend of value and flexibility. Unlike traditional headhunter models, we provide a cost-effective solution without compromising on the quality of talent. This approach not only allows companies to explore a diverse range of candidates but also enables them to allocate resources more generously towards executive compensation, fostering a win-win scenario for all parties involved.

IBG is proud to partner with a vast spectrum of organizations, from innovative startups to established industry leaders. Each company is meticulously vetted before joining our network, ensuring a seamless match with the aspirations and expertise of our executive talent pool. Our inclusive approach spans across industries, embracing companies of all sizes and stages, to cultivate a dynamic and diverse network.

At IBG, we believe in fostering relationships built on trust and flexibility. Our agreements are designed to be as adaptable as the dynamic markets we serve, with no long-term contracts to tie you down. Whether you're looking to fill multiple executive positions or seeking to join a board, our month-to-month commitment ensures that your partnership with IBG can evolve as your needs do, without any added pressure on your financial or strategic decisions.

Navigating potential conflicts of interest with precision and integrity is at the heart of our process. We empower you with complete control and transparency, ensuring you have all the necessary information to make informed decisions. When opportunities emerge, you're equipped to review comprehensive details about the company, the role, and any critical factors that could influence your decision-making process. This meticulous approach allows you to evaluate each possibility thoroughly, ensuring alignment with your personal and professional ethics, interests, and commitments.

Your engagement level is tailored to your availability and interest. We understand the demands of leadership and strive to facilitate connections that respect your time commitments. Whether you're exploring board positions as a next career step or seeking to expand your portfolio, we'll align opportunities with your schedule and commitment preferences.

Indeed, the vast majority of our board roles—over 95%—come with compensation. We do support some non-profit organizations by helping them find talented board members, but this is entirely at your discretion. If non-profit roles do not align with your goals, simply communicate your preferences to your discovery specialist. We're here to ensure your experience with us matches your professional aspirations and compensation expectations, connecting you only with opportunities that reflect your criteria.

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Navigating the Future of leadership: IBG

From pioneering leadership models to the nuances of global corporate dynamics, delve into expert analyses and forward-thinking discussions designed to empower today’s leaders and tomorrow’s visionaries.

Join us in designing the future of leadership by connecting visionary companies with transformative leadership.

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